Finding Meaning in the Digital Health Revolution


Read any major publication and browse its health section and you will see information and articles describing a new frontier in the healthcare industry: the digital health revolution. From trends reshaping the industry and the ways physicians practice medicine, to the steady cadence of emerging technologies promising to transform patient care and a growing interest among business leaders to increase investment in healthcare technology – there is no doubt that the revolution is here to stay.

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Are you doing what it takes to transform healthcare?

Author:  Neil Jordan, General Manager of Health Worldwide, Microsoft

During my time at eHealth week in Amsterdam the last few days, I noticed that when it comes to healthcare and IT, the conversation is changing. In the past, IT was pushed down the priority list and funded at the end of budget cycles. Now it’s being seen as one of the most important levers for the transformation that needs to happen in healthcare.

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EBAN Winter University 2016

Izvor: Plavi ured

EBAN Winter University 2016, najveća europska konferencija poslovnih anđela koja se održava u Zagrebu u 29. i 30. studenog 2016, postat će središnje mjesto okupljanja za sve poduzetnike, investitore, poslovne anđele i startup entuzijaste iz svih dijelova Europe i svijeta. Dva dana konferencije donosi predavanja, panele i govore najvećih stručnjaka startup industrije, priliku za networking te uvid u najnovije trendove na tržištu.

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Five lessons healthcare can learn from innovation in other industries


Last week I was set the challenge to describe key lessons that Healthcare could learn from other industries – at the 2016 Annual HIMSS Conference & Exhibition. HIMSS is the world’s largest Health IT conference, attracting more than 40 000 healthcare IT professionals, clinicians, executives and vendors globally.

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