5 Best Future Technology Trends in Healthcare Industry

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Healthcare industry has also been changing with the technology to ensure the quality care in the face of change. To drive better patient outcomes, to increase access to information this industry adopts or follow the technology trends.

IT solutions will become an integral part of management information system, process management, and patient care to optimize costs and effectively manage operations. In our previous articles, we explain Hospital Information System- HIStree , Best medical Android apps,Healthcare transformed by technology, etc. In this article, we are going to explain different Technology trends in Healthcare IT industry in detail.

After seeing this we made a collective list of technology trends which really changing the face of healthcare IT industry. Have a look over following Future Technology trends in Healthcare.

Healthcare – Future Technology Trends:

The convergence of healthcare with the upcoming technologies will greatly play an important role in improving the accessibility and meeting the challenge of manpower shortage. In future, these technologies brought a boom in the healthcare industry and improve health care in every corner of the world. Following of healthcare trends are explained below, have a look at it.

  • Cloud Computing Technology:

Cloud computing technology really changes the face of healthcare facilitating innovation and rapid response to given signals. With the help of this technology doctors and patients, transitioning medical records from paper to digital. It provides control access to health networks and hospitals to share PHI and other patient data. As per researchers, this technology will prove to be very useful in improving the everyday needs of the medical center i.e. billing, providing doctors with a complete patient medical history and giving the patient access to their information. Data segregation requirements and network isolation complexities will lead healthcare companies to cloud service providers that offer HIPPA compliant infrastructure.

  • Increased Patient Engagement:

In Today’s health conscious world use of smartphones, medical apps, wearables etc  will increase more patient engagement with the healthcare professionals. Health plans, apps etc track or generate personal data & information of an individual. New technologies will encourage patient to live a healthy lifestyle and shift the responsibility from health care providers to the individual.

  • Telehealth expanding healthcare:

Nowadays patient can easily connect with doctors through mobile devices and video chat. Telehealth technology will greatly help the patient a lot by providing health care anytime they want and removing the burden of visiting hospitals. Not only in homes but also in remote areas of the world this technology becomes more widespread and make doctor-patient interactions very quickly & frequently.

  • Data Security and Risks:

Like a coin has two sides, similarly, each and everything has pros and cons. In this digital technology world, everything is available online which help hackers to get the information of patient like personal identity, payment information etc. To avoid the type of health insurance portability and accountability act (HIPAA) violations that can negatively impact an organization, providers and payers will need to step up data security. For more security advance technologies came into existence and protects data.

  • 3D printing brings a new ray of hope in healthcare:

In the healthcare IT industry, 3D printing plays a key role in the advancement in technology. Innovators and healthcare pioneer uses of 3D printing technology to radically decrease risks for patients during medical procedures. It will revolutionize the manufacturing of surgical tools & medical devices- personalized fluidics modeling, precision drug dispensing, prosthetic limbs etc. As the healthcare impact of 3-D printing expands from the dentist office to surgical theater, the magnitude of emerging technology for healthcare stakeholders exponentially increases

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